The house can be rented for birthday parties, festivities, trainings, seminars, summer days and other events!

About us

We are not far from you

We are located on the boarder of Põlva and Tartu county. 25 km from Таrtu, 20 km from Оtepää, 200 km from Таllinn, 230 km from Riga, 360 km from Saint-Petersburg, 145 km from Pskov, 840 km from Moscow.

Come here, and we will arrange for you any memorable event: birthday parties, trainings, seminars, corporate summer and winter days, learning camps, family feasts with close friends. You can enjoy barbecue and sauna in private atmosphere, without interference.

Plenty of space

Guest house “Sassi” is located in beautiful picturesque nature. The lakes and rivers, variable relief and thick forests make our location completely private.

The large house with 240 sq. metres features a huge hall for festivities, spacious open terraces, bedrooms and a big equipped kitchen. The main house and the annexe together provide overnight accommodation for up to 20 people.

There is a Sauna next to the pond, and you can also enjoy a hot tub. Sauna bench hosts up to 10 people. A grill house will give shelter from the sun and warm you up in chilly autumn evening.

No time to feel bored

Numerous tourist trails pass through beautiful nature spots, where one may enjoy hiking, riding bike, watching forest flora and fauna, or spend time in search of exciting challenges.

Those interested in hunting can join activities of the local hunting association Kambja.


You can choose from varied menu that can be combined, added or tailored according to your tastes.
Home-made food is cooked on-the-spot from fresh eco products. We offer desserts only by arrangement.
Some variants of popular menu and prices (V.a.t. is not included in prices):

Menu I

Price 20.- euro

Roast pork, blood sausages, baked potato, pumpkin, sauce
Meat salad
Russian beetroot salad
Herring with onion
Vegetables pickled in spicy marinade
Ham rolls
Fresh vegetables with dip sauce
Fresh vegetables with dip sauce
Fruit drink

Suitable for winter

Menu II

Price 23.- euro

Roast meat, baked potatoes, fresh salad
Potato salad, Russian beetroot salad
Herring with onion
Cheese table, meat table, table of fresh vegetables with dip sauce
Meat balls in horse radish sauce
Fruit drink

Menu III

Price 25.- euro

Game in the Estonian style, cooked in iron pot or in oven, with baked potatoes and fresh salad Meat table, cheese table, table of fresh vegetables with dip sauce, meat balls in horse radish sauce, stuffed eggs, ham rolls with cheese, snacks, pickled cucumbers, paprika.

Potato salad, Russian beetroot salad, herring in sour-cream

Dessert: Twist, Black currant drink
Coffee, tea



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